Magic Berry

Magic Berry 2.0

MagicBerry can read and extract database from the mobile IPD backup file
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MagicBerry is the blackberry IPD reader that can read and extract the following database from the mobile IPD backup file: SMS Messages, Phone Call Logs, Address Book, Service Book, Tasks, memos, Calendar and export them.

The project is under continual development and currently the release is on Beta testing.

* Spliting IPD file: Split feature is only allowable for the displayed data such as SMS Messages, Phone Calls Log, Memos, Tasks, Calendar, and Address Book. To split any info, you have to check/select the records and save to file.
* Merging two IPD files: MagicBerry can merge information of two IPD files into one IPD, also can split from IPD files.
* Export to CSV
* Split IPD File: MagicBerry can split .ipd selected data, the split features allows the records selection and file save.
* Export: SMS, Contacts, Phone Calls Log, Calendar, Memos, Tasks and Edit Service Book
* Edit service books.

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